Sunday, July 31, 2005

New Content

We've put up new content on a few screens over the last couple of weeks. I think that it contains some of the best stuff we've ever created for the gallery. Here is the round up:

Deep Impact
A little movie with an overview of the Deep Impact mission which crashed an impactor into comet Temple I. The highlight is the video taken by the impactor up until its final moments.

Sky 360
I really think that this is our nicest looking screen (I'll try and get some screenshots posted Monday). You can select between different quicktime VR visualizations of the night sky (in far infrared, near infrared, H-alpha, optical and x-rays).

Galaxy Hunt
This is more of a game-like experience than any of our other screens. You have to find particular galaxies in a scalled down version of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field. One of the take-home messages being the incredible resolution that instraments like the ACS camera on HST have.

One of the things out evaluation team can investigate with these two pieces side by side is what type of experience (the game-like one or the exploratory one) do visitors prefer.


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